About Ashley & Co

Ashley & Co. is New Zealand’s leading premium Home Fragrance and Body Care brand. 

With an established range built from 10 signature fragrances, Ashley & Co. delivers sensory delight from products that combine practical function with emotional benefit, harnessing the power of scent to transform experiences and enrich memories. 

‘We cherish the beauty of the present moment. In a hectic world, our fragrances are a gentle nudge towards life’s simple joys. Each scent we craft embodies moments of comfort, love, and daily rituals. From the aroma that fills a room with laughter to the subtle fragrances marking life’s milestones, we’re not merely crafting scents; we’re celebrating moments.’


Ashley & Co’s mission is to meticulously craft scents that resonate with life’s daily rhythms, enriching homes and lives. We strive to venture beyond just fragrances, blending our scents into different categories, ensuring each moment is celebrated with a touch of simplicity and sincerity.


Ashley & Co envisions a world where the simple act of adding scent to our environment connects us deeply to the present moment. We aim for our fragrances to be more than just scents; they’re the backdrop to life’s most genuine memories, turning homes into heartfelt sanctuaries of connection and authenticity.


Jackie Ashley spent her childhood in Hong Kong. A sub-tropical, vibrant hub, where her Australian Mother and New Zealand Father raised their family and called home for 18 years. 

There’s something about those early days that have rubbed off on her. The heady scents of incense, the rich colours, seeping tea, the chatter, daily rituals, food and flowers. 

Through her travels and experiences, Jackie has developed a nuanced understanding and awareness of people and culture. She’s known by her friends to be a careful observer; creative, curious and kind.

In her work this compounds in a unique take on her craft. She has an innate ability to connect through scent, with a drive and vision to refine and revitalise her experiences and those of her customers.