Hello, we are Ashley & Co


Ashley & Co is a modern day scent company.

What began over twelve years ago as a unique collaboration between a husband and wife duo in Auckland, New Zealand is now a growing, creative brand.

With retailers throughout New Zealand, Ashley & Co now extends its reach to include Singapore, Australia, Japan, Taiwan and Scandinavia.

The Ashley & Co collection spans 6 signature scents and includes over 30 products.

We make body products for personal use liquid soaps (Washup), shampoo (Washlocks / Softlocks), hand cream (Soothe Tubes) as well as candles (Waxed Perfume), diffusers (Home Perfume) for home.

We are proud for Handful to be the soap of choice for many of the hospitality industries finest cafes and restaurants and amenities for boutique hotels.

Being a modern day scent company means we do things a little differently.

We pride ourselves on long-lasting, memorable scents and on quality products, manufacturing everything from New Zealand so we can oversee the process from whoa to go.

We go the extra mile to make sure our packaging is perfect and a delight to experience every time.

And we engage our fans with the things that excite and delight us. We don’t just share stuff; we share a lifestyle, a way of living.

Once experienced, our Ashley & Co Society tells us we are with them everyday, enhancing and enriching their lives for good. And that’s just how we like it.

We are happy to have you be part of our Society too.



The way we do things

Let’s shed some light on what being a modern day scent company means to us.

We are original: We forge our own path – working outside of the traditional in terms of scents, naming, packaging and the way we express our brand.

We are focused on the details: Without being fussy, we make sure that the quality of our products are second to none – and when experienced our customers are happily surprised by the unexpected details.

We favour magic minimalism: We are design-led. Paired-back in style, Ashley & Co’s products can stand-alone and are design-conscious. Able to work in any environment with any style, our interest is not so much in ourselves, but our consumers’ different responses to our products.

That’s the magic.

We are mindful: Conscious of the people around us as well as our planet, we make smart decisions in terms of ingredients, sustainability and giving back. We tune into the changes in our community and respond nimbly to relevant developments.

We advocate smart and sensible ways to reuse or recycle packaging.

We are devoted to our community: The Ashley & Co. Society is how we refer to our fans and also the wider groups of people that inspire and delight us. We want to give back – through not only recognition but also by nurturing a culture that people want to be part of and keep engaging with. We want to share what enhances our everyday.



Make the most of the moment

So - why Ashley & Co?


Because we believe people don’t remember the days - they remember the moments.

Being a modern day scent company means we’re not into whimsical fantasy. We don’t promote dreams. Our scents won’t transport you to a medina in Morocco.

We’re much more excited by the potential of your reality.

Because our lives are a series of moments, they go by really fast. We schedule in half our segments and often don’t notice the minutes in-between. Ashley & Co. encourages you to make the most of the moments – to connect with yourself and the present.

Washing hands, lighting a candle, moisturizing before bed or in the car on the way to school drop off – we know these can be ritualistic moments to pique the senses and regain some semblance of connectivity with the present.

The kids might be hungry and the dog barking and the laundry hanging on the line for another day. But that’s ok!

Make the most of the moment.

From home to your adventures out and about, we’re with you all the way.



Product Make-up

WashUp Original for your hands uses a botanical base formula with natural antiseptics, like grapefruit seed and aloe, and laced with one of our signature scents. 

WashUp Gone Green goes one step further and is aimed for your basin, bath or shower. An eco-wash with organic borage oil and natural extracts is free of all sulphates, parabens, mineral oils, colorings and synthetic fragrance. 

SootherUp Gone Green is an eco-lotion enriched with organic borage oil, natural extracts to nourish thirsty skin. Formulated to compliment both WashUp Original and WashUp Gone Green, SootherUp contains Ecocert Approved 100% natural perfume and is free from all sulphates, parabens, mineral oils, colourings and synthetic fragrance.

Soother Tube is our Intensive hydrating cream for your hands with organic borage oil and essential oils. Made to ‘soothe on the move’ it will soften, restore + soothe parched hands & cuticles. Soothe Tube contains Ecocert Approved 100% Natural Perfume.

Waxed Perfume is individually hand poured using 100% natural wax and unbleached cotton wick.